The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy Keller

The Reason for GodThis book was a mostly dissatisfying attempt at rationalizing different aspects of Christianity. I enjoyed the style of Keller’s prose, but his arguments, in my opinion, fall flat and frankly sound more like an advertisement for his “modern” church in New York City. There were parts that made my brain hurt (in a good way) and got me thinking about life, morality, and the role of Christianity and religion in general. However, if you are not religious and are actually one of the skeptics that Keller claims to have as a target audience, there is not much to gain from the questions that he chooses to answer. This would be a good book to read if you would like to question the philosophy behind Christianity and what it means on a personal level. icn_2star[1] (Review by Kathleen Konno)

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone GirlI’m not usually one to read pop fiction novels, but after hearing the overwhelming praise this was receiving I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. It’s a very interesting and entertaining read. It’s one of those novels where the pace and direction change frequently which is what really draws you in as a reader. The story and plot is strong, well structured, and intricately planned, and easily the best part of the book. With that being said, the characters on the other hand, are of the most abysmal. Every single character in the book is so insufferably “bad”, I often considered not even finishing the book so as to not have to learn anymore about the characters. But in the end, I did finish it and was glad I did. Great read. four-half-star orange(Review by Makeba Ross)

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The Book of Speculation: A Novel by Erika Swyler

The Book of SpeculationThis book had a nice little dose of magical realism. It flashed back and forth between the past and the present as a young man, going through a life change tried to understand his family’s history. His guide to understanding the origins of his family, and the curse that was placed upon it, is a book that was sent to him from a rare book collector. The story dragged a bit in places and there was a not quite believable budding relationship between the protagonist and the girl next door, but still worth the read. three and an half stars (Review by Melissa Greaves)

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Re Jane by Patricia Park

Re JaneThis humorous novel would have been a quick read if I’d been more familiar with the Korean culture. Through the eyes of Jane, the reader sees the challenging world of multicultural twenty-something New Yorkers and Koreans who are searching for their authentic self. Along the way to maturity they encounter various pitfalls which remind us of our own hilarious missteps and follies. I would highly recommend this book. icn_5star (Review by Lynda Hunt)

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Wool by Hugh Howey

WoolAfter an apocalypse, the outside world is toxic. People live in a silo that descends 150 stories into the ground. The people have forgotten how the world has become toxic and how they and hundreds of years of ancestors ended up living underground. They have a limited view of the outside world and no research is being done regarding its status or how to survive in it. The mere mention of the word “outside” results in what is basically a death sentence. This rule and rules like it are like a religion. A few people discover some of the information that has been hidden, and the result is a rebellion. This book is highly imaginative and will make you think. It is not so much about science as it is about society. There are a lot of surprises and mysteries. This book delves into the mysteries superficially. There are 2 more books to this series. I am looking forward to finding more answers there. four-half-star orange(Review by Debbie Dorwitt)

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Selected Shorts- Even More Laughs by: Compiled by NPR

Selected Shorts: Even More LaughsThis is a collection of short stories that are supposed to be funny. One is expecting a lighthearted laugh with a life lesson or two. Instead some of the stories are very dark, littered with rape and lying about the death of a child. It was definitely not my cup of tea. icn_2star[1]

(Review done by: Alexis, Yakle)

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The Ghost Fields by: Elly Griffiths

The Ghost Fields (Ruth Galloway #7)This is the latest in the series for fans of forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway. You won’t be disappointed! There is another mystery involving history, interesting family drama, and the feeling of being right there in England by the edge of the sea. As usual, there is a dash of humor throughout the book. To fully enjoy, read The Crossing Places and move through the series. icn_5star

(Review done by Deborah Hill)

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